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  • Our Annual General Meeting (June 2019)

Will be held on Wednesday 12th June at 7.30pm in Hathersage Memorial Hall

There will also be

  • An EXHIBITION on the 125-year history of the line and
  • Two short talks on the KINDER TRESPASS, by writer Roly Smith and Katherine Clarke of the National Trust.


  • New timetable (May 2019)

The new Hope Valley Line timetable was introduced across the Rail network on the 19th May. There are few changes.


  • Pacer Withdrawal  (May 2019)

‘Railway’ magazine reported in March that Pacer Withdrawal is Months Behind Schedule:

‘plans to withdraw the first Northern Rail ‘Pacers’ at the end of September 2018 have missed their scheduled date by four months. The plan, published by the DfT, was for five two-car Class 144s to start the ball rolling on the withdrawal programme back in September, with all two-car sets out of traffic by January 5.  That has not happened. 
In parallel, the schedule was to retire from service five Class 142s by November 10 last year, followed by a further 19 sets by December 8, and nine more on January 5.

In all, 47 sets have missed their planned withdrawal dates. However, Northern has indicated its target remains for all ‘Pacers’ – 126 sets in all – to be withdrawn by the end of 2019.’

Meanwhile the Government  is looking at how Pacers could be used. Community groups will be given the opportunity to put forward ideas on alternative uses for the trains this summer when a competition is launched. Any ideas?


  • Station extensions (February 2019)

Grindleford, Hathersage and Hope stations will have their platforms extended by the end of 2019.  This will make way for longer trains with more seats See the Network Rail Platform extension Programme for further details.


  • New Ticket Vending Machines (January 2019)

Northern has produced a video on how to use the new Ticket Vending Machines which have been installed at stations along the line.


  • Passing loops in the Hope Valley (November 2018)

At the Northern Transport Conference in Manchester on Friday 16th November 2018, the Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling, said:


‘But let us also remember that the North is not just about cities. It also has some of the most stunning countryside in Europe. And a very important rural economy. That’s why we’re also supporting local railways like the Hope Valley line. Network Rail is proposing to modernise sections of the railway between Bamford station and Jaggers Lane Bridge in Hathersage. And around Dore and Totley station.


We are now updating the business case and anticipate being able to announce a delivery date in the next year.’

No announcement yet!


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